The First Rule of Life Club

You gotta feel it to heal it.

That’s how you live a non-repressed life. And I am a non-repressed person. It’s so instinctive to me to get to the heart of it and rip it out for what it’s worth. Not more, not less.

Not everyone wants to or can live without repression…it’s hard, because it can offend, but mostly, it’s about selfish self confrontation, realizing the moment is at hand for transformation and just saying, “I’m going to do this.” And you become.

And whatever I become – it has to be positive. That’s the first rule in Life Club. Always transform into something better.

Transformation is occurring now, for me. I feel it and it is positive. I’m learning that to live unrepressed, one must keep in mind that the best of you is in there and can live strong and thrive. To adapt is to know that in the presence of the present, we can all thrive and push on gracefully.

But to get to that grace, fuggedaboudit. You have to be selfish and weird and ready to deal with some unknown power. I can’t deny feelings, I have to face myself head on, and just deal. Get ugly, grabby. Hate myself, then heal from that. Then – poof. You change. If you’re smart.

And I don’t hate myself. I love myself. Enough to live and thrive.

For me, writing really purges me – and then, I must admit, I do feel lighter. I buy me some space, some breath. Some vantage point.

It’s this gamble, where you take a look at how close the finale is, and you know your own self as someone who cannot lie to themselves…but you take it the ‘right’ way, and you make something great out of your life. Because this is your life, and it speeds.

My life has never been anything but…miraculous and truly amazing. Life Club is a really precious game. I am a transformer, after all. That’s what they tell me.


Author: Dark Dee

Yeah, I'm that Dark Dee.