Quicksand takes my love
Descending with one finger up
A little flag says, “I’m OK!”
I reach to touch, but it goes away

A month ago or was it two?
Perhaps three months ago with you
Your every thought was love and lust
For me, before it turned to dust

I know you’re in there, I won’t let go
This is such a mindfuck, such a blow
Hang on my dear, I’ve got the rope
There’s nothing worse than the death of hope

I think you’re letting go of me
You’ll never say, “l set you free!”
You’ll let me watch you fade away
And I’ll keep believing to my dying day

I’ll keep believing that you’ll return
That your passion once again will burn
For me, as it came from your soul
Before the quicksand swallowed you whole.


Author: Dark Dee

Yeah, I'm that Dark Dee.